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Nespresso Professional Forte 50ct

Nespresso Professional Forte 50ct
$ 35.00

A classic intense Italian espresso composed of medium-roasted Arabicas in beautiful balance.  The classic espresso balances washed and dry-processed Latin American Arabicas in an intense coffee blend that brings both malty and fruity notes.

FORTE is a blend of South and Central American Arabicas that bring both malty and jammy red fruit notes to the cup. The medium roast develops an intense equilibrium in the character of these washed coffees.

FORTE is a blend of South & Central American Arabicas. Among other coffee origins, the key players in this Nespresso pro capsule are a Brazilian & a Costa Rican coffee. The washed processed Arabica from Brazil lends a malty note to this Nespresso Espresso. The washed Costa Rican Arabica brings in jammy red fruit aromas and a touch of acidity to strike that intense equilibrium in FORTE. A short, medium roast keeps all those characteristics at play and develops this espresso coffee’s roasty note.
A short, medium roast brings out the best of each coffee in this Arabic blend. The coffee roasting develops the Brazil's malty note and the Coasta Rica's red fruit bouquet - all in a strikingly intense equilibrium.
This Nespresso pro capsule is an intense coffee with medium-roasted, toasted notes and jammy red fruit aromas.

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