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Sustainability at McCullagh

Leaving Our Campsite Better Than We Found It

McCullagh Coffee takes a deep interest in advancing sustainability. Our concern is an unwavering attention to the environment, the communities we operate in and the social justice of individuals associated with our company. The following principles outline McCullagh’s commitment to sustainability in its business conduct.

1. We will be cognizant and adhere to all prudent business practices and fulfill all governmental policy and regulation that relates to the preservation of a healthy environment.

2. We will ensure that our company always acts in a responsible manner with due regard to the preservation of the environment. We will institute measures ensuring this commitment.

    3. We will always use natural resources in a responsible manner. We will always attempt to reduce the utilization of natural resources and strive to maximize the use of recovered materials whenever possible.

    4. We will always attempt to minimize discharges into the environment, including such practices as air emissions, water discharge and ground deposit.

    5. We will always attempt to utilize sustainable business practices and if practices are identified that do not advance sustainability we will immediately engage in actions changing those practices.

    6. We will be a positive force in the community ensuring active community participation and volunteerism, as well as financial commitments to worthy causes.

      7. We will convey our social commitment obligations to our suppliers and downstream stakeholders. We will urge those that have a relationship with McCullagh to institute sustainability measures that advance environmental preservation, social justice and economic enhancement.

      8. We will attempt to seek out suppliers that share our commitment to sustainability.

      9. We will always attempt to be a positive force within the communities we serve, recognizing the value of diversity, respect to civil liberties and the sensitivity to the risk populations we serve.

      10. We will always conduct our business in accordance with ethical responsibilities that are always buttressed by scientific innovation and sound sustainable management practices.

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